• April 3, 2023
  • News

Busted! Five myths about retail media

McKinsey & Company recently published an interesting article that talks about the 5 myths of retail media and is projecting that retail media networks could represent as much as $100 billion in ad spending by 2026. Despite this success, retailers and advertisers alike question the trajectory of retail media. How sustainable is the growth of RMNs as an advertising channel? How much space remains for RMNs other than Amazon? Is the marketing spend on retail media really new or merely a shift from marketing budgets that already benefit retailers, such as shopper and co-op marketing?

McKisney’s latest  Retail Media Networks Advertiser Survey helps answer these questions and exposes five widely held beliefs about RMNs as myths. The accompanying charts further illustrate the retail-media reality and the opportunities it provides for brands, manufacturers, marketers, and retailers.

Keen to learn more about the five myths of retail media? Have a more in-depth read on McKinsey’s site here