Growing the connective power of retail media to amplify brand growth.

Comprehensive and scalable solutions with the commitment for excellence make RetailMedia.One a valuable partner for brand growth.


Superior reach offered in a unified and omni-channel way.

RetailMedia.One brings together fragmented Retail Media offerings into a comprehensive and effective megachannel, delivering nation-wide mass reach and impact to brands and media agencies.

High-impact media formats to create brand growth.

The RetailMedia.One platform offers access to high impact advertising formats in or around 5000 retail outlets in The Netherlands. We are also connected to high traffic marketplaces and online/in-app environments.

There’s substantial demand for omni-channel top and middle of funnel exposure. We offer expert consulting and solutions to unlock this business for retailers.

The team

RetailMedia.One’s founders believe that Retail Media has the unique power to drive brand growth, in addition to sales and conversion. With a nationwide mass reach, Retail Media offers value throughout the consumer purchase journey.

Marcel Vogels

Connective Growth

Mark Stockx


Theng Chong

Connective Growth

Marc van Eck

Connective Growth


The shared belief is that Retail Media will become an integral part of modern media strategies for brand growth. By offering collaboration, consistency, and scale, Retailmedia.One’s platform provides advertisers with a powerful solution for their brand growth needs.

For Retailers

Growing retail media.

For Brands

Growing brands.

The Platform

Amplify with reach & impact.

The platform provides exclusive premium and high-impact formats that deliver strong branding power, making brand building & activation through Retail Media scalable and efficient.