• May 13, 2024
  • News

RetailMedia.One introduces NORM, the new retail media intelligence platform.

RetailMedia.One introduces NORM, the first independent retail media intelligence platform in the Netherlands. With NORM, supermarket, store, restaurant, gas station, and shopping behavior are systematically translated into valuable insights.

NORM utilizes mobile location data enriched with profile information such as demographics, (cross)media consumption, mobility, and shopping behavior. Insights derived from shopping behavior, for instance, are uniquely applicable to areas such as in-store advertising. However, NORM also provides clarity on online and in-app shopping behavior.

The added value of NORM lies in further professionalizing the Dutch retail media channel. It facilitates integrated media planning and evaluation of retail media, creates new and meaningful metrics for better comparisons between retailers, and supports retailers in shaping effective media and data monetization strategies.

Mark Stockx, partner at RetailMedia.One, states, “It is evident that NORM enables integrated planning and optimization of retail media. But NORM also proves to be a strategic treasure trove for retailers themselves.”

NORM will continue to roll out new updates, including the addition of new data streams and analysis capabilities, ensuring that collective intelligence keeps growing. The automated insights from NORM are exclusively accessible to the directly collaborating partners of RetailMedia.One.

About RetailMedia.One

RetailMedia.One brings together the fragmented world of retail media into one platform. Brands and agencies can utilize retail media at scale through this platform. The platform is characterized by technical innovations such as campaign management automation, integrated campaign effectiveness measurement, and advanced planning techniques. Talpa Media Solutions is the exclusive sales partner in the Netherlands for the retail media inventory offered by RetailMedia.One.

Additionally, RetailMedia.One provides strategic consultancy and staffing services to larger retailers in the areas of media and data monetization.