• November 2, 2023
  • News

Havas Media Announces Partnership with RetailMedia.One

Havas Media announces a strategic partnership with RetailMedia.One, marking a significant milestone in the development of retail media in the Netherlands. This collaboration comes at a time when retail media in the Netherlands is rapidly evolving, with leading retailers such as AHMS, Jumbo, HEMA, Mediamarkt, Bruna, PLUS, Kruidvat, and SPAR at the forefront of this shift. The combined reach of these retail giants currently surpasses that of any other media channel in the Netherlands.

However, the complexity of retail media has proven to be a challenge for smooth, straightforward, and effective activation, notes Thijs Muller, CEO of Havas Media Netherlands. For this reason, we are delighted to announce our partnership with RetailMedia.One. This partnership enables Havas Media to deploy retail media at scale for brand visibility and sales in a simple and effective manner.

RetailMedia.One has assembled an impressive collection of retail media inventory from various Dutch retailers on a single platform. Importantly, the platform automates the entire process, including activation, measurement, and optimization. Optimization is supported by accurately tracking brand and sales effects resulting from marketing and/or trade campaigns.

Jasmijn Bouwmeester, Client Managing Partner of Havas Media Netherlands, adds: “This partnership seamlessly aligns with Havas’ mission to harness creativity, media, and entertainment in a smart and powerful way to maximize brand growth and performance. Thanks to this partnership, advertisers can now fully leverage the potential of retail media. We expect Havas Media to further evolve in the coming years as a data-driven specialist in the effective application of retail media for brand and performance purposes.”