• December 20, 2023
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Exclusive collaboration between Talpa Network Media Solutions and RetailMedia.One

Talpa Network Media Solutions has joined forces with RetailMedia.One in an exclusive collaboration. This alliance offers advertisers the opportunity to efficiently spread their campaigns across various platforms, including TV, radio, digital and print media, as well as retail media. This integrated approach provides an effective media experience across all channels.

In the fragmented world of retail media, the RetailMedia.One platform brings together the largest Dutch retailers. Media Solutions, the saleshouse of Talpa Network, offers advertising opportunities for an effective cross-media approach to consumers. The addition of retail media to the cross-media portfolio increases both the frequency and relevance of brand messages. This results in an effective connection with consumers at key moments in their daily lives. The collaboration enables more scale, speed, and standardization in a campaign.

Allard Ruyl, CEO of Media Solutions: “The collaboration with RetailMedia.One creates new opportunities for our advertisers. This partnership enriches our portfolio by linking traditional media to the innovative field of retail media. This leads to an improvement in how brands communicate and interact with their target audiences, resulting in more profound and effective marketing results.”

Mark Stockx, RetailMedia.One: “Over the past year, we have sought connections with retailers, brands, and agencies to establish retail media in the Netherlands. This exclusive collaboration with Talpa Network is a big step forward to make the brand power of retail media available for every brand and every media agency.”
The collaboration starts from January 1, 2024.

About Talpa Network
We are Talpa Network: an open media network active in the fields of video, audio, digital, print, and e-commerce. Our motto is ‘together you achieve more,’ referring to how we work and how we make an impact. In an increasingly international media landscape, our media network ensures that content from Dutch creators and brands continues to reach our beloved local audience. With our main brands (SBS6, NET5, Veronica, Radio 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio, LINDA., VakantieVeilingen, and ActievandeDag), trusted formats, and smart partnerships, we reach over 90% of the Netherlands weekly. We are constantly looking for ways to reach even more people better with our content: we do this with our people, creators, brands, and our saleshouse Media Solutions.
Talpa Network was founded in 2017 by four-time Emmy Award winner John de Mol.

About RetailMedia.One
The originally Dutch platform RetailMedia.One brings together the fragmented Dutch Retail media offering and simplifies its activation for brands and media agencies. The platform facilitates a streamlined campaign process with a focus on professional campaign management, creative support, asset delivery, and brand impact reporting. Virtually all major retailers with premium retail media inventory are accessible on the platform. In addition to supporting advertisers and agencies in achieving more brand growth through Retail media, RetailMedia.One also streamlines processes related to ‘trade’ or supplier contributions. The consultancy arm of RetailMedia.One develops next-level data and media monetization strategies for retailers and other high-traffic organizations.