• April 19, 2023
  • News

Brand expert Marc van Eck joins RetailMedia.One

RetailMedia.One has announced that brand expert Marc van Eck will be joining the company as a partner. Together with founders Theng Chong, Mark Stockx, and Marcel Vogels, Marc will form the company’s management team. His aim is to help the largest brands in the Netherlands reach and engage with their consumers in new and innovative ways.

According to the Dutch retail media specialist, the biggest brands in the Netherlands need to think carefully about how they can best reach their target audiences in the future. With Marc on board, the company can provide real momentum and substance to these efforts.

Marc van Eck himself is excited about the possibilities of working with RetailMedia.One. “As an experienced brand specialist, I’m involved in virtually all aspects of building and growing strong brands. However, I’m increasingly seeing brands struggle to reach and engage enough consumers. I’m convinced that we’re on the cusp of a hyper-rapid evolution that will revolutionize retail media. Retail media will reach people throughout their shopping journey and strengthen brand impact. This will often run parallel to TV campaigns. I believe that in five years’ time, we won’t be able to imagine retail media being used solely as a trade marketing tool.”

RetailMedia.One has already managed to attract an impressive number of media partners in a short amount of time, enabling it to create a national reach platform. The company aims to complement traditional TV channels by building brands through innovative retail media strategies.

Mark Stockx, one of the founders of RetailMedia.One, sees Marc’s arrival as a major boost for the company. “There are few specialists in the Dutch brand landscape with as much experience and a solid track record as Marc. I expect that the dynamic, energy, and synergy from his expertise and network will immediately contribute to the goals and ambitions of brands, retailers, and RetailMedia.One.”

RetailMedia.One is based in the Icemobile/BrandLoyalty offices and connects brands, retailers, and other media providers on its platform. Its primary goal is to accelerate brand growth. The company also provides support to retailers in developing more sustainable forms of media exploitation and to brands seeking to accelerate growth through effective reach, frequency, and impact.

Marc will begin working with RetailMedia.One immediately alongside his other activities.