• April 3, 2023
  • News

RetailMedia.One launches unified Retail Media platform

Retailmedia.one, a Dutch-based company, has recently launched a unified Retail Media platform. The company’s founders, who are experienced industry professionals, are confident that the platform will drive brand growth and offer a comprehensive solution to the rapidly growing Retail Media sector in the Netherlands.

Retailmedia.one is anticipating significant growth in the Retail Media sector in the coming years, with projected media spending expected to reach 2 billion euros in the next five years. As such, the company has developed a unified and omnichannel retail media platform that enables brands and media agencies to quickly and effectively reach and engage Dutch consumers.

The platform provides exclusive premium and high-impact formats that deliver strong branding power, making brand activation through Retail Media scalable and efficient. Moreover, the platform brings together fragmented Retail Media offerings into a comprehensive and effective megachannel, delivering mass reach and impact to brands and media agencies.

Retailmedia.one’s founders believe that Retail Media has the potential to drive brand growth, in addition to sales and conversion. With a nationwide mass reach, Retail Media offers value throughout the consumer purchase journey. The platform also provides support to retailers in their media ambitions, offering relevant effect research, case development, format and technique standardization, consistent currencies, transparent reporting, and making the industry attractive to young professionals.

Retailmedia.one’s launch is the result of a collaborative effort between brands, retailers, and media agencies over the past year. The shared belief is that Retail Media will become an integral part of modern media strategies for brand growth. By offering collaboration, consistency, and scale, Retailmedia.one’s platform provides advertisers with a powerful solution for their brand growth needs.

In conclusion, the launch of the unified Retail Media platform by Retailmedia.one presents an excellent opportunity for brands and media agencies to leverage a powerful tool to reach and engage Dutch consumers effectively. The platform’s comprehensive and scalable solutions and the founders’ commitment to excellence make Retailmedia.one a valuable partner for brand growth.

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